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Plenary Session
Best Poster Showdown Session

Friday October 22, 2021 | 13:10 to 13:40

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During this session, the best poster abstract presentations for each of the main congress themes will be awarded. The awards review committee will shortlist three (3) poster abstracts for each congress theme based on scores and quality of presentations. The nine (9) shortlisted presenters will be invited to this special live session during which their one-minute poster presentation video will be showcased. Presenters will have the opportunity to interact live with the audience, whose votes during the session will determine the three (3) “Best Poster Abstract Award” winners.

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Dr. David Habart, Czech Republic
IsletSwipe: A platform for expert assessment of annotated islet images

Dr. Rick HW de Vries, Netherlands
The optimal cell packing density for macroencapsulating islet delivery devices

Ms. Jessie Barra, United States
Enhancing Islet Allotransplantation with Antioxidant-based Encapsulation Strategies

Dr. Pedro Ventura Aguiar, Spain
Transcriptomic profile in pancreas biopsies for monitoring graft rejection

Dr. Vidya Fleetwood, United States
Post-pancreatic transplant enteric leaks: The role of the salvage operation

Dr. Ruth V Owen, United Kingdom
Multi-centre UK analysis after SPK in recipients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Antonio Citro, Italy
Biofabrication of a functional Vascularized Endocrine Pancreas (VEP) for Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Kevin Bellofatto, Switzerland
Decellularized cotyledons isolated from human placenta used like a scaffold for the generation of a human bioartificial pancreas

Dr. Florent Lemaire, Canada
Preliminary results on the development of a perfusion device to study the function of 3D bioprinted pancreatic tissue in vitro