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Oral Abstracts Session
Clinical Pancreas Transplantation - Part 2

Saturday October 23, 2021 | 14:10 to 15:25

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Ashley Yoo, United States
An initial analysis of the baseline levels of dd-cfDNA after pancreas transplantation: a prospective study from high-volume centers in the United States

Dr. Pedro Ventura Aguiar, Spain
Utility of donor-derived cell-free DNA in assessing simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation rejection

Dr. Berjesh K. Sharda, United States
Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation in Caucasian versus African American Patients: Does Recipient Ethnicity Influence Outcomes?

Dr. Fahad Aziz, United States
Induction in pancreas transplantation: T-cell depletion vs. IL-2 receptor blockade

Dr. Riccardo Tamburrini, United States
Importing DCD pancreatic grafts: Is it sound practice?

Dr. Clara Bassaganyas Vancells, Spain
Pancreatic graft ultrasound elastography: A novel non-invasive technique in rejection assessment

Dr. Joana Ferrer-Fàbrega, Spain
Validation of backtable graft arterial anastomosis between splenic artery and superior mesenteric artery: a 21-year single-center experience of pancreas transplantation

Dr. Fernanda R Danziere, Brazil
Simultaneous pancreas and kidney reperfusion in ipsilateral SPK