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DAY 3 - Introduction and Parallel Sessions

Congress Opening Remarks by Jon S Odorico and Adriana Migliorini
12:00 - 13:05 View Islet Organoids from pluripotent and adult stem cells
Ronald M. Evans, United States
Immune evasive islet organoids
Yi Arial Zeng, People's Republic of China
Pancreatic islet organoids from adult stem cells
Sara Nunes Vasconcelos, Canada
Microvessels support engraftment and function of human pancreatic progenitors in diabetic animal models
Evert Kroon, United States
Results of a first-in-human clinical trial of encapsulated hESC-derived pancreatic progenitors

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12:00 - 13:05 View State-of-the-Art Encapsulation and Xenotransplantation
Omid Veiseh, United States
State of the Art Immunoprotection by Encapsulation
Chung-Gyu Park, Korea
Pig to nonhuman primate islet xenotransplantation with re-transplantation strategy
Wayne J Hawthorne, Australia
Engineered Neonatal Pig Islets
Alfred Joseph Tector, United States
Overcoming immunobiological barriers to xenotransplantation

Best Poster Showdown

13:10 - 13:40 View Best Poster Showdown Session
David Habart, Czech Republic
IsletSwipe: A platform for expert assessment of annotated islet images
Rick HW de Vries, Netherlands
The optimal cell packing density for macroencapsulating islet delivery devices
Jessie Barra, United States
Enhancing Islet Allotransplantation with Antioxidant-based Encapsulation Strategies
Pedro Ventura Aguiar, Spain
Transcriptomic profile in pancreas biopsies for monitoring graft rejection
Vidya Fleetwood, United States
Post-pancreatic transplant enteric leaks: The role of the salvage operation
Ruth V Owen, United Kingdom
Multi-centre UK analysis after SPK in recipients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Antonio Citro, Italy
Biofabrication of a functional Vascularized Endocrine Pancreas (VEP) for Type 1 Diabetes
Kevin Bellofatto, Switzerland
Decellularized cotyledons isolated from human placenta used like a scaffold for the generation of a human bioartificial pancreas
Florent Lemaire, Canada
Preliminary results on the development of a perfusion device to study the function of 3D bioprinted pancreatic tissue in vitro
During this session, the best poster abstract presentations for each of the main congress themes will be awarded. The awards review committee will shortlist three (3) poster abstracts for each congress theme based on scores and quality of presentations. The nine (9) shortlisted presenters will be invited to this special live session during which their one-minute poster presentation video will be showcased. Presenters will have the opportunity to interact live with the audience, whose votes during the session will determine the three (3) “Best Poster Abstract Award” winners.

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Sponsor Spotlight

13:45 - 13:50 View Spotlight Presentation
"Comparison of crude and GMP collagenase for isolation of pre-weaned pig islets"

Parallel Sessions

13:50 - 14:55 View Immunotherapy and beta cell transplantation
Norma Sue Kenyon, United States
Use of novel antibodies/mechanisms for achieving islet transplantation tolerance
Maria Grazia Roncarolo, United States
Human Engineered Tregs
Haval Shirwan, United States
Localized immunomodulation of islets
Burcin Ekser, United States
Co-stimulatory Blockade in solid organ and islet xenotransplantation

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13:50 - 14:55 View Biomarkers and Immunomonitoring of beta cell replacement therapies
Peter G. Stock, United States
Metabolic and Immunologic Monitoring in pancreas and islet transplantation: Results of a clinical practice survey
Joseph R. Scalea, United States
Donor-derived cfDNA in kidney and pancreas transplantation
Vassilios Papalois, United Kingdom
Pancreas ex vivo machine perfusion

Industry Symposium

15:00 - 15:45 View A new era in islet transplants: xeno, stem cells, and beyond
eGenesis Sponsored Symposium
Gregory S. Korbutt, Canada
Jeffrey R. Millman, United States

Thematic Break

15:50 - 16:00 Wellness Break
Alexandre Malenge, France

Oral Abstract Sessions

16:00 - 17:20 View Islet and Pancreas Overlap
Anneliese Flatt, United States
Clinical metrics predict defective physiologic responses to hypoglycemia in long-standing type 1 diabetes and may facilitate early consideration of referral for beta-cell replacement therapy
Marie-Christine Vantyghem, France
Comparison of Incidence of solid cancers after islet or combined kidney-whole pancreas transplantation
Xavier L Baldwin, United States
Safety and efficacy of total pancreatectomy and autologous islet cell transplantation compared to parenchymal preserving pancreatic surgery for pancreatitis
Doug O'Gorman, Canada
Evaluation of a low dose recombinant collagenase and BP protease for clinical islet transplantation
Ana Claudia V. Vidigal, Brazil
A prospective study of donor-specific anti-HLA antibody monitoring in pancreas transplantation
Riccardo Tamburrini, United States
Importing pancreata for transplantation: An 18-year single center experience
Berjesh K. Sharda, United States
Do Pretransplant C-Peptide Levels Influence Outcomes in Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation? A Matched Case-Control Study
Joseph R. Scalea, United States
Impact of Alemtuzumab Induction on Pancreas Transplant Outcomes
16:00 - 17:20 View Bio-Engineering
Michal Wszola, Poland
Bionic Pancreas - the first results of functionality bionic tissue model with pancreatic islets
Valerio Russo, Canada
Bioprinted immune-protective islet-containing tissues successfully regulate blood glucose in rodent models of type 1 diabetes
Antonio Citro, Italy
Bioengineering of an iPSC derived vascularized endocrine pancreas (iVEP) for T1D
Purushothaman Kuppan, Canada
Subcutaneous bioabsorption of nanofibrous scaffolds influence the engraftment and function of neonatal porcine islets xenografts in mice
Piotr J Bachul, United States
Modified approach allowed for improved islet allotransplantation into pre-vascularized Sernova Cell PouchTM device - preliminary results of the phase I/II clinical trial at University of Chicago
Daniel M Tremmel, United States
Islet vascularized ECM gel (IVEG) construct for islet culture and transplantation
Shadab Abadpour, Norway
3D Bioprinting of functional islets with adipose-derived stromal cells in an Alginate/Nanocellulose scaffold
Jeffrey H. Lawson, United States
Novel Approach in Pancreatic Islet Transplantation: Acellular Vessel

Paul E. Lacy Memorial Award Lecture

17:25 - 18:10 View Paul E. Lacy Memorial Award Lecture
Juliet Ann Emamaullee, United States
Introduction of Awardee
A.M. James Shapiro, Canada
Realizing Paul E. Lacy’s Vision for Islets, Stem Cells and Beyond - Fifty Years on from the Beginning to the Cure of Diabetes
A biennial award given to an outstanding clinician and/or scientist for their outstanding achievements in the field of islet transplantation.

IPITA Business Meeting

18:15 - 19:00 View IPITA Business Meeting for members
Business meeting agenda is as follows:
- IPITA President, James Markmann will highlight the council activities over the last two years
- Review of the Association’s Financial Status
- Review of the Membership Status
- Presentation – 2021 Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award
- Outgoing and incoming members of council will be announced
- New President of IPITA for the (2021-2023 term) will be introduced
- Location and date of 2023 Congress will be announced
- Open discussion and Q&A

Zoom access link is on session details page. Click link below

Networking Break

19:00 - 20:00 Join us for a virtual hangout!

Move off the Zoom grid and join us for a virtual hangout that is really a lot of fun!
Enter a virtual world where you walk around freely with your robot avatar. Just like in real life--at least most of the time--you decide where to go, whom to talk to, and what groups to join.
People closer to you will be louder and you can join them in conversations while still hearing the background buzz. You can also goof around with interactive stuff that makes socializing even more fun, from picking up props to playing games.
Give it a try and see--it'll be a welcome change of pace.