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Poster Session
E-Posters on Immunology


Dr. Yogish C Kudva, United States
Altered T cell compartment in Type 1 diabetes with End Stage Renal Disease

Dr. Pedro Ventura Aguiar, Spain
Transcriptomic profile in pancreas biopsies for monitoring graft rejection

Dr. Yogish C Kudva, United States
NK and B cell Subset Assessment in Type I Diabetes Patients on Waitlist for Pancreas Transplantation

Dr. Kateryna Polishevska, Canada
Layer by layer coating with poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) and tannic acid (PVPON/TA) preserves human and mouse islets in vitro and in vivo functional potency

Ms. KaLia S. Burnette, United States
Investigating the role of cathepsin L in islet graft rejection

Ms. Krystal Ortaleza, Canada
Immune Response to Vascularizing Subcutaneous Engineered Islet Grafts

Dr. Bashoo Naziruddin, United States
Small molecule inhibitor of toll-like receptor-4, TAK-242, attenuates allogenic immune responses in vitro

Ms. Jessie Barra, United States
Enhancing Islet Allotransplantation with Antioxidant-based Encapsulation Strategies